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KXF Festival

A Festival Obsessed with Sex and Fashion!

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2024 KXF Festival
'The Fashion'

In 2024, under the theme 'The Fashion,' we aim to open new horizons in adult entertainment, promising intriguing and diverse experiences for adults. This festival intends to offer a reality that's more thrilling than sensual fantasies, aspiring to be a hub for a healthy and innovative adult entertainment culture that respects sexual diversity and individuality.


Like world-class adult expos, KXF will provide unique experiences, serve as a conduit for sharing industry trends and information, and offer networking opportunities with various brands. We look forward to sharing our passion with you at KXF 2024 and co-creating the future of the adult entertainment industry.

새 채널

새 채널

2024 KXF Korean Adult Festival

Featuring Legendary Japanese AV Icons!

KXF is set to dazzle with the participation of legendary Japanese AV icons - a true testament to the festival's prestige and international allure. 

We are honored to confirm that top-tier talents

such as Kinoshita Himari, Aoi Ibuki, Yamagishi Ayaka, and Hongo Ai

will grace our festival, offering fans an unparalleled experience of glamour and excitement.